executive coaching

Transforming lives, inside and outside of the workplace.

At The People Side, we believe that for some leaders the best investment you could make in their development is hiring them an executive coach. Whether they need to develop more self-awareness, stretch into a new role, or address the limiting beliefs that hold them back, our coaches help people transform their lives — inside and outside of the workplace.

why coaching?

Executive coaching can unlock a leader’s personal performance, and the performance of those around them. Oftentimes what holds people back at work is not related to their business acumen, skills, or drive - they have what it takes to TECHNICALLY do the job. Instead a leader’s growth opportunity may involve correcting deeply held beliefs that influence the way they show up everyday. It isn’t therapy, but it is personal.

Coaching provides an opportunity for us to dive deeper with a leader one-on-one to reveal their personal opportunities for growth and change. Your coach will inspire you to take action and provide ongoing accountability and support while you practice becoming who you want to be.

we develop wholehearted leaders, because we coach the whole person.

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Executive Coaching may be the right development solution if:

  • You need help making a career transition (stepping up, back, or away)

  • You feel stuck or uncertain — personally or professionally

  • You are not connecting with the people who work for you

  • You are struggling with self-limiting beliefs

  • You need to prepare yourself for bigger roles

  • You want honest feedback and more self-awareness

  • You need encouragement and accountability as you prepare to make big changes in your life

  • Your lifestyle is preventing your performance at work

We will meet with you to understand your coaching needs and answer any questions you may have. Whether you want to coach one leader, a team of leaders, or hire a coach for yourself, we can help. Coaching engagements typically last 90 days - 6 months but we have a variety of packages and price points to chose from. Our coaches are collectively certified in 20+ leadership assessments so we are able to deliver on all of your feedback needs. Contact us to learn more!

coaching capabilities


  • The Hogan® Lead Series

  • The Leadership Circle

  • EQi 2.0 and EQi 360

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict

  • Interaction Styles

  • Insights

  • MBTI

  • DiSC

  • Social Styles

  • Strengths Finder

  • Purposeful Leadership 360

  • Lominger Voices 360

  • Shift+ 360

we specialize in coaching…

Emerging Leaders - building blocks

Emerging Leaders

We help leaders play bigger. Getting a coach to support your often ignored high performers is a smart move. Through coaching, we help the leaders with potential and influence in your organization embrace a growth mindset so they are willing to step-up and develop new capabilities.

Change Button - orange and white - Leaders in Transition

Leaders in Transition

We help leaders on the move. We help leaders navigate through times of change and become aware of any behaviors that may hold them back when taking on these new challenges. We help leaders when they are stretching, broadening, or changing their life — inside or outside of work.

Women in leadership - coaching women - journaling - taking notes

Women in Leadership

We help women leaders go further. Women navigate different dynamics at work, and frequently struggle to juggle all of the roles they play. Instead of reaching their full potential, we see female leaders tapping out. By helping women capitalize on their unique capabilities and removing their self-imposed barriers, you can promote their ongoing success.