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The People Side is a network of highly experienced facilitators and executive coaches who get to the heart of helping people perform at work. Our team is comprised of former leaders so we speak the language of business fluently. Our facilitators are masterful at leading highly engaging conversations, not subjecting people to sit-and-get lectures.  And our certified executive coaches challenge people to make meaningful changes, both inside and outside of the workplace. 

If you need someone to stand and deliver slides in front of a classroom, we are not the right partner for you. If you are not committed to changing, we are not the right coaches for you. We hope you give us the opportunity to improve the people side of your business by contacting us today!

meet our team

It is a privilege to develop leaders, because for better or worse, they change the direction of our world. This is so much more than a job to us. Our team is motivated by the opportunity to improve leadership, shape corporate culture, and have a positive impact on the lives of everyone we work with.
— Candyce Penteado, Leader of The People Side

Rocco Cocchiarale

TALENT development & executive coach

Plainfield, New Jersey


Allen Hollander

TALENT development

Peterborough, New Hampshire


Jill Hauwiller

TALENT development & executive coach

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Karen King

TALENT development



Andy Nelson

Executive Coach

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Michelle Newman

Coaching Practice Leader, Executive Coach

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Candyce Penteado

president, TALENT development, EXECUTIVE COACH

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ingrid M. Tischler

TALENT development

Orlando, Florida


Kit Connolly Turner


Pittsfield, Massachusetts


Claire Williams

talent development & Executive coach



our commitment

We intentionally cultivate relationships with inclusive organizations to ensure fair and competitive business practices, and a respectful work environment. We will do what’s right, even if it is to our financial detriment, because our reputation is our most valuable resource. We are a group of professionals committed to having a positive impact on every person we work with and will demonstrate respect and kindness in every interaction we have.

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values at The People Side. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their differences, including but not limited to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation.

We also believe government laws and business practices should uphold the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality. While laws may vary in the countries where we work, we remain committed to being inclusive and respectful no matter where our classrooms are—because it is critical that everyone feels comfortable being themselves if we want to learn with and from each other.

The People Side will take all necessary and reasonable steps to seek out and attract diverse partners, providing a fair opportunity and competitive business environment. Diverse partners shall include:

  • ­   Small Businesses

  • ­   Disadvantaged Businesses

  • ­   Women-Owned Businesses

  • ­   Minority Businesses

  • ­   U.S. Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses

  • ­   LGBT Owned Businesses

At The People Side, we are passionate about diversity, not only in the classroom, but in our daily business practices. We know that by working with diverse partners, we will:

  • ­   Better serve our clients

  •   Inspire a kinder world

  • ­   Promote and encourage the success of all business partners

  • ­   Contribute to the growth & development of our industry and community

  • ­   Encourage a fair and competitive business environment

The People Side is a women-owned, for-profit, talent development consulting business based in the United States. Our clients include Fortune 100 global organizations as well as small to mid-size companies. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at: 952-250-3321 or email us at info@thepeopleside.com