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Are You Ready For A Gamechanger?

Our highly experienced network of thought leaders, facilitators and executive coaches are changing the game for leaders around the world.  We specialize in developing the capabilities that differentiate 21st Century business leaders so they can thrive, not just survive, in a rapidly changing world.  Our team has personally experienced the struggle of navigating change, leading people, and leading businesses.  While we have Masters Degrees and PhDs, we go beyond an academic understanding of the principals we teach by encouraging a collective sharing of best practices, stories, and lessons learned.  If you are ready to step-up your game, or need the leaders of your organization to set-up theirs, let's chat soon.

  Candyce Penteado & Ingrid Tischler-DeTorres
Candyce Penteado &
Ingrid Tischler

How we do it

We do not consider ourselves traditional teachers. We encourage people to seek rather than receive their learning by using intentionally curated experiences and conversations that encourage a collective sharing of expertise. Less sitting, more doing. That is how adults learn, and we know it makes a difference. Our team has demonstrated an ability to provide world-class learning experiences for leaders at all levels of an organization and receive outstanding feedback from both participants and clients. We are among the best in the world at helping today’s best leaders become even better!

The People Side is working to revolutionize the concept of a classroom.  In our new leadership development series, The Gamechangers, as well as in The Leadership Living Room experience, we leverage compelling conversations, real-time feedback, storytelling, and networking to explore the capabilities that differentiate 21st Century Leaders. This learning is meant to be experienced, not read off a slide or participant guide. After each session, we reinforce what we learn through ongoing coaching, videos, podcasts, and blogs that help learners continue the conversation and put their intentions into practice.  Learn more!


Our Clients

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Terrific designers, coaches, facilitators and collaborators. I partnered with them to launch a new, highly experiential executive course and was always impressed with their focus on outcomes and dedication to creating a robust, yet highly personalized learning event for our very experienced participants.
— Executive Development at GE Crotonville


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