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Finding Your Z - A roadmap for realizing the life you want

Candyce Penteado and Michelle Newman are excited to be collaborating on the development of a new book called “Finding Your Z.” This book is based upon a concept Candyce has been sharing with leaders for over a decade in classrooms around the world. Using the simple framework of an alphabet, we help people realize their ideal life (their “Z”) and encourage them to start aligning their life decisions to their life goals. Using compelling storytelling and engaging exercises this book will help people not only envision their “Z” but consider which letter they are at today.

The individuals we have shared this idea with — both in our coaching practice and in our classrooms — are able to put it into practice immediately. We think it is because it simplifies the overwhelming evaluation of difficult decisions and helps you make more confident choices. Many people begin using the framework of an alphabet to guide important conversations with their managers, teams, and families to get everyone on the same page. We sincerely hope this book motivates people to pursue their definition of success with renewed intensity. Sign up to reserve your copy today!

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