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Do I have BOUNCE?

The word “resilience” has become a big part of my vocabulary in recent months, both in business and personally. I have always thought of myself as a resilient person. I’ve been through some “stuff” in my life (haven’t we all?!) so I know I am strong; I’m a survivor. I will always get back up when knocked down. I have proven this time and time again. So, it’s simple: of course, I am resilient! But am I really?

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Welcome to the VUCA World!

I first time I heard the term “VUCA” was eight years ago when I was teaching a leadership class on the West Point campus in New York.   A former Army General led my class of business leaders to an overlook of the Hudson River Valley where we had to strategize for a "battle."  It was a fascinating exercise!  The team debated where to put their troops and hypothesized about where the enemy would be coming from.  Once our strategy was set, and troops were in place, the General explained what happened in the actual battle and told us how many soldiers would have likely died based upon on our decisions.  It was not a typical Monday to say the least.  

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Don't Be a Knower. Be a Learner!

I have been delivering leadership development programs for nearly 20 years, but it never ceases to amaze me when someone comes to my training class with low expectations of learning anything.  Sadly, this happens more than you may think!  People who show up with their walls up.  Who arrive in a classroom choosing to waste their precious time.  I can FEEL them in the room…like a speedbump I have to go over as I look for the people who are ready to go.  I affectionately call these people “The Knowers"...

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