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BECAUSE your team's success determines yours!

We believe that teaming is a verb, not an event. Teaming is the daily practice of encouraging collaboration and connection so groups make better decisions faster. Teaming Today helps you build high-performing teams in a more contemporary way. Recognizing the dynamics of a remote and diverse workforce, multi-generational preferences, dotted line relationships, and demanding schedules, we will help you create a culture that enables people to execute, and enjoy working together, every day.

Are you leading teaming today?


(2-Day LIVE Session)

During this highly interactive session you will learn the importance of trust and empowerment on performance. Working with a highly experienced coach you will try to turn a team around, and witness the impact of your leadership on performance and results. Together we will eplore the unique dynamics of leading teams today, learn proven coaching and communication strategies for the 21st Century, and see how teaming works in modern organizational structures. Get ready to do something different and celebrate your team’s success!


Stay connected with your classmates remotely to share ideas and continue to inspire each other. You will become a lifetime member in The Gamechanger Network where you can continue your learning through videos, blogs, podcasts, and alumni learning events. The Gamechanger Network supports your ongoing efforts in successful teaming to help you change the game!




This is not a typical classroom and we do not consider ourselves traditional teachers. We encourage people to seek rather than receive their learning by using conversations, experiential learning, and storytelling. Less sitting, more doing. That is how adults learn, and we think it is a game changer. Learn more about all of our leadership development experiences HERE.


The Leadership Living Room is where thought leaders and business leaders meet to discuss what is changing in the world of work. When you attend one of the Gamechanger experiences, you will be learning in a comfortable and collaborative environment that is very different from a traditional classroom. These unique spaces allow us to currate moments that matter and are an important part of how we develop leaders. Whether you are learning in our Minnesota Living Room or our Florida Living Room, you will be in a space that inspires you and helps you connect with the other people in the session.