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The Facilitator Network

Facilitation, On Demand! When you have facilitation needs that exceed your capacity to deliver, call The People Side! We provide extraordinary facilitators with a proven reputation for increasing the impact of your training investment.

The Gamechangers

The Gamechangers are1-day team development programs that allow a group of employees to develop critical leadership capabilities through an immersive learning experience. These programs live up to their name!

The Leadership Living Room

The Leadership Living Room is a custom designed off-site learning experience for business leaders. Ideal for Senior Leadership Teams, work teams in crisis, or professional networking groups, we curate this experience just for you.


reinventing the classroom

Research confirms what many people have already experienced – boring, passive learning at any age results in a lack of retention and action. Which is why we are challenging traditional training methods and revolutionizing classrooms around the world.


changing where you learn…

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We work with our clients to purposefully create more informal, disarming learning environments so we we can have more productive conversations. By intentionally creating the environmental and emotional conditions required for learning, and shifting the learner’s focus from Powerpoint to faces, we see a significant difference in how people engage. We “teach” in living rooms, around kitchen tables, and on campus at some of the best companies and universities in the world.

By immersing learners in environments that are unforgettable, the content becomes more memorable.


changing what you learn…

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The world is changing, work is changing, and what it takes to perform at work is changing. But many companies are still offering the same old training programs. There are new capabilities to develop, new challenges to discuss, and new expectations of your workforce. So we are not offering content based on books written 20+ years ago, we are developing today’s competitive capabilities by encouraging people to teach alongside of us, share their real-life challenges, and personalize their learning experience.

Every class is different, because different people are in the conversation.


 changing how you learn…

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 In Our Programs…

We have conversations, not presentations

We create LIVE content with our learners

We provide experienced business leaders, not trainers

We make space for reflection and deeper thinking

We have less “sit and get” and more “do and debrief”

We encourage wholehearted conversations — inside & outside of class

We keep it real and give people feedback when they need it

We minimize fear and increase psychological safety

We provide ongoing coaching to ensure learning becomes practice

Because it helps leaders learn.


The Facilitator Network. - The People Side

Whether you need help delivering an existing talent development program, or want us to develop a brand new learning experience for your employees, The People Side is motivated to increase the impact of your training investment.

We represent an elite network of facilitators who are faculty at top universities and corporate training institutions. Our extraordinary team travels the globe developing leaders at Fortune 100 companies as well as successful start-ups so we are able to provide valuable external perspective to the leaders in your business.

“I can honestly say that I see an exponential shift in performance after programs lead by The People Side compared to other programs we offer. They are my go-to for delivery now.”

- Leader at PCB

Our facilitators appropriately challenge an individual’s behavior and mindsets when they are preventing performance — something our clients frequently describe as a distinguishing characteristic of our capabilities. Your employees will enjoy every minute they spend learning alongside the caliber of talent we provide.

It is hard to find facilitators who can handle your biggest leaders and toughest topics, which is why companies hire us.

We PROUDLY develop leaders at…

  • Fortune 100 Companies — GE, Ford, Saudi Aramco, Boeing, Target, Coke, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco

  • Mid-Size Companies — Post Consumer Brands, Buffalo Wild Wings, Aetna, Polaris

  • Emerging Businesses — TechMix, Sales Benchmark Index

  • Universities — Harvard, Binghamton University, University of MINNESOTA


our offerings

Individual Leader Programs

  • Change Leader Workshop

  • Communication Skills

  • Design Thinking

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Influencing Skills

  • Storytelling

  • Speed of Trust

  • Time Management

  • LeadWell — Wellness Program


Coaching Solutions

  • Executive Coaching

  • 360 Assessments

  • Women in Leadership Retreats

  • Leadership Team Offsites

People Leader Programs

  • Leading with Personal Power

  • Building Trust

  • Leading Difficult Conversations

  • Hiring Great People

  • Inside Out Coaching

  • New Leader Workshop

  • Situational Leadership

  • Leading Edge Culture

  • Teaming Today

Other Offerings

  • New Manager Assimilations

  • Teambuilding Experiences

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Business Simulations

Talent & Team Assessments

We are certified to administer and deliver the following instruments:

  • The Hogan® Lead Series

  • The Leadership Circle

  • EQi 2.0 and EQi 360

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict

  • Influence Style Indicator

  • Interaction Styles

  • Insights

  • MBTI

  • DiSC

  • FIRO-B

  • Social Styles

  • Strengths Finder

  • Purposeful Leadership 360

  • Shift+ 360

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what people say

“Very well received. Our investment in providing a higher quality of instructors is really paying off.”

“Excellent! Deeply connected with the class on the content and kept people engaged throughout the week.”

“Provided insights into the personal side of doing business and tying together our strengths to the work we do everyday.”

The Gamechangers

The world is changing fast and people are struggling to keep up. Which is why many organizations are no longer developing one employee at a time, they are developing entire teams! The Gamechangers© are our new team-based approach to talent development. These programs are highly successful because of the collective accountability participants have to practice what they learn together back at work.

Designed for groups of 8 – 24 people, these 1-Day immersive learning experiences allow your team to develop new leadership capabilities, receive feedback from a coach, and deepen personal relationships. All Gamechanger programs can be customized and delivered onsite or at an off-site location in a city near you. Full service event planning and catering packages available. To learn more, contact us today!


Teambuilding can be fun. But if you need a Gamechanger, you should call us.

Teamwork Hands in Circle.jpg
The EQ Advantage Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Develop Emotional Intelligence. This program will help your group amplify their personal power to get results through others. By combining an online assessment (the EQi 2.0) with an immersive learning experience, we reveal your team’s strengths and opportunities for leading with the EQ Advantage.

LeadWELL Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Masterfully Manage their Energy. This program helps people who are working in highly stressful situations improve their resilience by leading from a place of personal wellness. Help your team members thrive, not just survive, under the pressures of an ever-demanding workplace.

Jumpstart Innovation Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Embrace Innovation. This program encourages your team to take more risks and be faster learners. You will practice design thinking principals, unlock your team’s creativity, and learn to appreciate the need for customer empathy in your business decisions.

That's My Style Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Appreciate Style Differences. Each individual on your team will complete a style assessment and then participate in fun, interactive challenges to reveal the similarities and differences on your team. Groups will learn how to flex their style to have more productive interactions. 

Change Makers Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Change…Faster. This program is designed for teams leading significant organizational changes at work. Learn how to increase buy-in and intentionally engage your stakeholders to accelerate their commitment and reduce resistance to change.

Trust Me Gamechanger - The People Side

Helping Teams Trust Each Other. Using high trust conversations and powerful research, we help groups explore the role of trust and vulnerability in every interaction at work. This program can improve a team’s interpersonal challenges in only one afternoon!


where leaders get comfortable…

and get real.

The Leadership Living Room - The People Side

Welcome to The Living Room. A differentiated learning experience for leaders at a turning point.

In The Leadership Living Room© we go beyond the shiny surface of an issue into the heart of the matter. Using intentionally designed spaces and immersive learning experiences we encourage conversations that rarely take place at work but affect how we work everyday. This is a unique development opportunity, custom designed for your most important leaders and teams.

Physically, emotionally, and professionally…we go to the place where real learning happens.

the leadership living room…

…is a customized teamwork experience for groups of 6 - 24 leaders

…is designed as a 1 - 5 day getaway (team off-site or retreat experience)

…takes people outside of the workplace into an immersive learning environment where they can engage in wholehearted conversations

…is a place where you can be your “weekend self”and relax

…provides an elevated level of facilitation talent and certified executive coaches (8:1 ratio). We curate the content and experiences that fuel the discussion, keep things on track, and offer ongoing feedback to enhance the learning and dialogue.

…is an experience that is proven to change lives, create lasting relationships, and help people thrive personally and professionally

You will be delighted with the details! The People Side offers full-service catering and event planning packages for these experiences. Let us handle everything.

The following groups have had life-changing conversations in The Leadership Living Room:

  • 4-Day Leadership Exploration for Executives

  • 2-Day Senior Leadership Team Offsite

  • A Weekend Retreat for a Work Team in Crisis

  • Career Workshop for Leaders at a Crossroad

  • A Newly Formed Work Team

  • Networking Group of Executive Women

  • Group of Entrepreneurs

  • Weekend Retreat for Working Moms

  • Networking Affinity Group Conference

Because this is “different” we assume you have questions. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us. We will send you sample itineraries and make sure you have all of your questions answered.


what people say…

“I gained so much knowledge on how to be a better leader in the world today, both professionally and personally. What a fantastic experience. You will not find a better group of trainers and coaches. I would highly recommend it!” – Finance Leader

“Thank you to the team at The People Side for a life changing experience. It exceeded my expectations in every way.” — HR Leader

“I left this experience feeling incredibly empowered and focused. The most exciting thing is that we are not losing momentum! This is the best investment I could have made in my team.” - Operations Leader