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Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Because we work with multiple clients in numerous industries, we are able to stay contemporary in leadership best practices and understand the global marketplace.  Our experience also enables us to lead thought-provoking and “dangerous” conversations. We push leaders, at all levels, to think differently in our classes by sharing insights from other organizations and regions of the world.  One client described us as "professional bubble poppers" - because we challenged him and his team to think outside of their professional paradigm and recognize what is emerging in their industry - something we believe is mandatory in a rapidly changing world.

Our facilitators know that not all questions are good questions, and not all answers are good answers.  We don’t just listen to what learners say, nod our head and move forward.  We often press for deeper thinking…better thinking...which our clients value and frequently mention as a distinguishing characteristic of our capabilities. 

So before you invest in yet another leadership development class, where people are allowed to be participants instead of engaged experts, try something different.  Try a Gamechanger!


When you attend a Gamechanger, it is not going to be in a typical classroom and you will not be a participant. This is an experience we will create together.  Leaders will discover their own learning through thoughtfully curated moments, not in a participant guide.  Every class is different because different leaders are in the room. If you are ready to differentiate yourself and your team, these are the experiences for you.  Want to learn more?  Then let's chat.  We are here to help!



Today's Best Leaders Help People Change Faster.

They help people feel comfortable when things are uncomfortable and intentionally engage stakeholders to accelerate their commitment to change.

Compelling Communication

Today's Best Leaders Make an Impact.

They use powerful storytelling, empathy, and impressive personal presence to cultivate followership. They grab our attention in a highly distracted world.



The EQ Advantage

Today's Best Leaders Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence.

They use personal power, not positional power, to get results.  They are able to inspire people, connect to people, and manage their emotions in difficult situations.

Jumpstart Innovation

Today's Best Leaders Have an Innovator's Mindset.

They encourage people to take smart risks and be fast learners. They practice a preference for action, not perfection, and use customer empathy to make great business decisions.




Today's Best Leaders Masterfully Manage their Energy.

They demonstrate more resilience by leading from a place of personal wellness and mindfulness.  They are able to thrive, not just survive, under the pressures of an ever-demanding world.

Teaming Today

Today's Best Leaders Build Great Teams, Where Ever They Are.

They encourage collaboration, connection and trust. Their teams feel safe enough to have difficult conversations, are empowered to make decisions, and perform well together even when they are not together.


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Where business leaders and thought leaders Learn TOGETHER. 

The Leadership Living Room is our premier program and offers a unique learning experience for your highly-valued leaders.  The world is changing fast and many organizations are struggling to keep up.  Using experiential learning and facilitated conversations, we will help your leaders explore their real-world challenges, offer insights into 21st century leadership and market trends, and provide just-in-time coaching based upon our observations.  

The Leadership Living Room is different from other training programs because:

  • You will be learning in a comfortable living room environment, which encourages a "shoes-off-self" conversation & more interaction 
  • You will partner with us to select the right learning modules, simulations, assessments, speakers, and experiences for your needs
  • You will get a fully curated experience, not a series of agenda items. Evening events can also be designed into your experience.
  • You will be partnering with an elevated level of facilitation talent capable of coaching, not just teaching, leaders at all levels
  • You will develop an entire team, not just an individual leader.  A shared learning experience is proven to improve retention and accountability for applying your learning back at work.

This experience is highly recommended for Senior Leadership Teams, top female leaders, and intact work teams.

Our clients have found that offering this customized learning experience is far more valuable than sending their leaders to any off-the shelf "class."  Let us help you improve the ROI of your learning budget in The Leadership Living Room.