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Candyce Penteado has been standing in front of full classrooms and audiences for over 20 years. Whether you are talking to her one-on-one, or sitting in a room with 5,000 other people, she will keep you engaged and entertained. Her humorous and wholehearted approach to everything she does leaves people feeling personally connected to her message and compelled be a better leader and person when they go home. Often described as “powerful” and “relevant” she is certain to be a highlight at your event.

Finding Your Z - A roadmap for realizing the life you want

TARGET AUDIENCE - Business Leaders, Networking Groups, MLM Conferences, Entrepreneurs, Motivated Individuals, WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES

IDEAL GROUP SIZE:  There are no group size or format restrictions for this keynote presentation. For breakout sessions, groups of 4-8 people will work together on relevant exercises.

DURATION: 20 Minutes (Keynote Format) or 50 Minutes (Breakout Session)

In this highly engaging and motivational session, you will be introduced to a simple, holistic approach for ensuring your life decisions are aligned with your life goals. Based upon her upcoming book “Finding Your Z” Candyce helps people create a roadmap for realizing the life they want.


Experience for yourself how the simple concept of an alphabet has helped thousands of people realize their ideal life. Candyce uses storytelling, inspirational videos, and engaging exercises to help people define their “Z” in life and consider which letter they are currently at relative to their goals. People who attend this session immediately start making more confident and intentional life choices and use the framework to have important conversations with their managers, teams, and families. Your audience will leave feeling motivated to pursue their personal definition of success and have a simple roadmap to follow.

Candyce has an innate ability to connect with each and every person in a room and enables them to personally reflect in ways never thought possible. She does not push knowledge on people...instead she curates an experience, igniting all of your senses, and leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes. Most importantly, she speaks from both her head, and her heart!
— Allison Wik, Alchemy Group
Wholehearted Leadership - getting to the heart of human performance at work

TARGET AUDIENCE - Business Leaders, Human Resources, Networking Groups

IDEAL GROUP SIZE - There are no group size or format restrictions for this keynote presentation. For breakout sessions, groups of 4-8 people will work together on relevant exercises.

DURATION - Keynote is ideally delivered in a 20 minute format.  Breakout session can be modified to be as brief as 45 minutes or as long as 2 hours.

The workforce and workplace are change fast and employee engagement is at an all time low. In this powerful session, Candyce Penteado inspires business leaders to become more wholehearted and engage in more vulnerable conversations to improve connections and productivity at work. Based upon the impressive research of Dr. Brene Brown, Google’s “Project Aristotle,” and Candyce’s personal experience of coaching and developing business leaders globally, she builds a powerful case for us to challenge workplace norms and shares best practices for how to get started.


“It’s not personal, it’s just business.”  At some point our society began to accept that a statement like this was not only possible, it was true. Too many people are being asked to check themselves at the door when they go to work and it is affecting their performance and willingness to engage. Because every interaction we have in our life triggers neurological reactions, emotions, and memories, every interaction we have is personal. Pretending otherwise is dangerous business.

Based upon the compelling research of human performance and vulnerability, Candyce describes why her and her team are helping business leaders become more wholehearted and the affect it is having on employee engagement, company performance, and well-being.  In this session, you will learn about the movement that is challenging high-pressure, highly impersonal corporate cultures and participate in simple exercises that help people get back to the heart of human performance at work.