The People Side



BECAUSE change doesn't have to be painful!

Change is the one thing you can count on in the 21st Century, and your ability to effectively lead people through it is critical. Change is uncomfortable so resistance is a normal and predictable reaction to it. If you want to do a better job of leading people through uncertain times, then ChangeMakers is the program for you! Using our Conversation Starter Toolkit, and a simulated change experience, you will learn proven strategies for engaging stakeholders, minimizing resistance, and accelerating change. To succeed in the 21st Century, you need to develop this capability as your competitive advantage.

Do YOU have what it takes to change the game?


(2-Day LIVE Session)

In this program, you will be immersed in the ExperienceChange (TM) online team simulation developed by ExperiencePoint – an award-winning organization providing change leadership training globally. Working with a team of fellow learners, you will practice leading a change and eperience the impact of your change leadership decisions immediately in your stakeholder's reactions. You will be learning side-by-side with seasoned Change Coaches so you can get feedback and insights real-time. This session is proven to help leaders make change happen faster, and less painfully, back at work!


Stay connected with your classmates remotely to share ideas, change experiences, and inspire each other. You will become a lifetime member in The Gamechanger Network where you can continue your learning through videos, blogs, podcasts, and alumni learning events. The Gamechanger Network supports your ongoing efforts as a change leader and helps you change the game!



This is not a typical classroom and we do not consider ourselves traditional teachers. We encourage people to seek rather than receive their learning by using conversations, experiential learning, and storytelling. Less sitting, more doing. That is how adults learn, and we think it is a game changer. Learn more about all of our leadership development experiences HERE.


The Leadership Living Room is where thought leaders and business leaders meet to discuss what is changing in the world of work. When you attend one of the Gamechanger experiences, you will be learning in a comfortable and collaborative environment that is very different from a traditional classroom. These unique spaces allow us to currate moments that matter and are an important part of how we develop leaders. Whether you are learning in our Minnesota Living Room or our Florida Living Room, you will be in a space that inspires you and helps you connect with the other people in the session.