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The Power of Brevity

One of my clients is using something called PechaKucha in working with their leaders to get better at dialoguing. It’s a very cool concept: the art of concise presentations. The concept is 20 x 20; 20 images (slides), with only 20 seconds to talk per image. Sounds challenging, but often times, it’s all we need!

How many of these have you heard:

“Be big. Be brief. Be gone.”

“Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone.”

“Be brief. Be bright. Be gone.”

“Be sincere; be brief; be seated.”

“Be brief or be ignored.”

Get the message? So let me practice what I preach in this post.

Go check out to learn more about their philosophy, see some presentations and maybe even attend one of their “PechaKucha Nights” or parties. Then, try it! You will be pleasantly surprised how powerful your message will be, one image, one slide, 20 seconds at a time!

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