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Why Not You, Why Not Now?


“…the ones who truly change the world are the ones who can’t wait to get out in it."

                                                                                                                           ~ Delta Airlines

I think you can take this literally, AND I think you don’t have to get on an airplane to change the world. How can you be more disruptive to the norm? How can you make an impact? How can you get people to think and behave differently?  There are many examples of people who have done this all around us. Here’s one:

Indeed, Steve Jobs was one of the crazy ones; one of those who saw things differently; a genius. He introduced us to a revolutionary new product that we can now seemingly not live without. What could be next? Who could be next? You?

I try to think every day about the potential impact I could be having on someone, personally and professionally. Every action, every word, every product, every service could be life-changing for someone. Sometimes that life changing moment is tangible, as when buying our first smartphone, but other times it is not. As humans, we are imperfect, but why not try to be more mindful of our approach; why not invite everyone TO the table and then listen to every voice AT the table; why not leverage diversity and empower our people to come up with crazy new ideas that are WAY outside of the box. Why not? Imagine what the outcome could be if we did this as leaders, at every level of our organization. Surely, we would not lose anything; but what could be gained?

Try something different. That's all.