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Andy Nelson

Andy Nelson is an executive coach, hands-on Agile practitioner, facilitator, musician, and leader who creates a trusting environment and exceptional learning for his teams and clients. He has a wealth of experience in leading and building healthy teams, and coaching individuals and teams to perform their best.

His working career has spanned 30 years, including technology leadership and development positions at Fortune 500 companies like Target, Emerson Electric, and Weyerhaeuser. His 15 years at Target have included leading the global Point of Sale software development team, where he built a Minneapolis/Bangalore knowledge and talent base of leaders.

Most recently, Andy has been hands-on with Agile and Product, bringing their culture and advantages from IT into the Supply Chain business. In February 2018, he was approved to take on Executive Coaching clients throughout Target corporation. His recent personal experience with Stage 4 cancer has fortified his “do it now” and “focus on what matters” attitude, which he shares generously with his clients and teams. Andy is thrilled to report he has been cancer-free for 18 months.

Andy has undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Music from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. He completed his Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of St. Thomas, and is ACC certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation).


certifications: ACC (FROM ICF), PMP (FROM PMI)

After 10 minutes talking with Andy, I feel like I can take on the world.
— Digital technology leader, large retail firm
Andy brings an amazing presence to his coaching; you feel enfolded in love and support, and deeply uplifted by his positive regard and positive intention for his clients. His coaching feels like gentle guidance, but calls you to your deepest challenges and your biggest self!
— Executive coaching leader, large retail firm


My 15 years at Target Corporation have been absolutely amazing, including leading the global Point of Sale software development team with 60,000 in-store cash registers on our watch, supporting millions of transactions per day. I led this team during and through the company’s 2013 data breach, and I realized just how much I cared about all the human beings involved – from our guests to my team and their families. That human connection became the catapult into my growing work in coaching and talent development, and my information technology experience planted the seeds of Agility and Product thinking that I’ve now taken to countless leaders and their business areas. I am passionate in taking what I’ve learned about high-performing teams, enlightened leaders, an Agile mindset, and the urgency of an intentional life to help teams excel.

I worked my way through college, coding an Inventory Management system from scratch for my home-town employer, and completed my undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Music Performance from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. I decided early on I wanted to learn from people farther along than I was, in terms of building great companies and products, and my work brought me to project management at Weyerhaeuser, team leadership and coaching at Emerson, and then Target where I’ve had roles in Target’s credit card business, stores, merchandising, and supply chain. Called to coaching during cancer, I completed my Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of St. Thomas in May 2018. I also in 2018 completed my first album of original music, Meaning to Tell You, the release party for which was attended by over 300 people, as a celebration of my family’s victory over cancer.

Today I am known as a go-to Agile coach and executive coach for growing leaders, team members in transition, and folks looking to invigorate their creativity and their emotional intelligence. Business Agility, information technology, and the arts are expert areas I generously consult on, yet my clients consistently get more: the realization that nobody else is going to live their life, and have their priorities. And they can start living more fully, and successfully, right now. My clients don’t ‘solve’ work/life balance – they live it – for themselves, and for the teams they lead.



My personal mission is to encourage, affirm, and realize, in lasting and renewable ways, beauty, love, growth, and respect for all human beings. Having survived cancer, I feel a new vigor and urgency to reach as many people as possible, with my teaching, coaching, music, speaking, and leadership. I am living life to the fullest, and will keep encouraging – and challenging – others to do the same.
— Andy Nelson


I live in Savage, Minnesota with my amazing wife and our terrific three children - currently all teenagers! I grew up in Winona, Minnesota, where I met my wife, and we’ve enjoyed 22 years together in Wausau, Wisconsin, Austin, Texas, and now back in Minnesota. As a family we enjoy music and art and all things creative, thought-provoking movies, board games, and travel. We recently journeyed to New Orleans, to celebrate my cancer victory and enjoy the music, food, and churches in that historic city. I am a tea drinker and a red wine drinker - having happily converted from my coffee and beer habits years ago! My greatest privileges are to be a dad to my kids, a husband to my wife, and to touch as many people as possible with the joy of being alive and living an intentional life.

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Andy Nelson - Family
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